Monday, December 12, 2011

Who Am I?

The temptation to start singing " Two, four, six, oh, Onnnnnnnne!" is really huge but doesn't translate as well as I'd like to the written word. Nonetheless, I'll imagine all of you just started singing your favorite part of 'Les Miserables' because I like all my funny little thoughts like that.

I'm writing today for the same reason I used to thoroughly clean my dorm room when I had a huge paper due. Somehow, doing something else when I have a chore to do makes sense to me. The irony of writing when I should be cleaning my house is just too ...ironic. Nope, no better word for it.

So who am I? A work in progress is who I am. I'm 37 and still, I have days where I wonder what I'll be when I grow up and friends I hope to be like when I do eventually. I do many things that are grownup-esque in nature. I make sure my family is fed, clothed, and generally cared for in a myriad of ways. I pay bills and taxes. I grocery shop. I take my car to get maintenance. I'm married and have kids, which is about as grown-up as I ever imagined. Yet, there is still a large quality of "winging it" to my life. Improvised.
Some days I like that better than others. And I like to make stuff, often, make something out of very little.
So, although planning ahead and time management are not my strong suits, I would like to share with you some of my impulses towards craftyness. Enjoy.